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Width 60", Height 30"

Muslin Cotton


Kallos is a Greek word for beauty that pays homage to natural folds, folds of the world (how various cultures use folds, pleats, wraps, and drapes in clothing), and contemporary fashion in works such as Alexander McQeen's Oyster dress). As a wearable wrap made out of multiple small folds, Kallos embraces the volume and depth of the folds, and the natural silhouettes of the folded material as it drapes over the body. It provides a sensual feel and appearance for the wearer. The wearer's body glides through the world, separated only by this second skin of folds.

Acknowledgments: Thanks to Hiroko Hanamura for modeling, Hannah Jones for help with sewing, and Jane Matrana for fashion consultation.

Photo Courtesy: The Advanced Visualization Laboratory (AVL) at Indiana University.

Learn more about Jiangmei Wu's research on fabric origami work here.

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