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Anemoi Folded Light Art

The visual forms found in Anemoi Light Art are similar to the soft and swaying body structure of the sea anemone (in Greek, Anemoi means “winds” and Anemone means “daughter of the wind”). It is made of a type of lightweight and non-rigid material and folded and assembled to create a semi-rigid structure. When suspended and illuminated, Anemoi lights sway into ephemeral and gentle patterns of light and shadow, softening their surroundings with pristine, mathematical geometry and rich, natural textures. 


The seed for the form genesis of Anemoi is an origami module. Through an algorithm based design process, this simple module seed is rhythmically repeated in a series of definitions and mathematical functions in the software program Grasshopper so as to create complex assemblies. By changing the mathematical parameters in the algorithmic structure, a myriad of distortions and transformations are generated in order to study the relationship between form, structure, and global flat-foldability.


The main material is a type of tear-free Shoji paper called Hi-tec Kozo, which has a three-layer structure, with eco-friendly polyester film as core and Kozo Washi on both sides.  Kozo Washi is a type of renewable material that is made from the inner bark of Kozo, a type of mulberry tree. Kozo plant grows more than three meters high in a year and can be sustainably harvested each year. 

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