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Length 24", Width 14", Height 19"

Hi-tec Kozo, stainless steel, LED

Folded from four pieces of  Hi-tec Kozo paper. LED globe to provide warm and bright light. 


This light art can be folded flat. Using semi-generalized Miura-ori with divots added, this folded light art creates a smooth-curving profile that is similar to a pouch.

For more information about this folded light art, check out the following article:

Wu, J. (2020). Semi-generalizing Miura-Ori with Divots into Rotationally Symmetric Lampshades with Smooth Curving Profiles, Proceedings of Bridges 2020: Mathematical Connections in Art, Music, and Science, Virtual Conference

Link to PDF


Photo Courtesy of Tingge Guo




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