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Miura Weave

Width 11", Length 11", Height 4"

Tinted Mi-Teintes Paper


Miura Weave belongs to a new class of infinite bi-foldable polyhedral complexes that are the result of a collaboration between Jiangmei Wu and mathematician Matthias Weber. Currently, our initial result has been published at: These polyhedral complexes that can be flat-folded or collapsed into two perpendicular planes.


There are five vertex types in Mirua Wave: four of valency 4 and one of valency 8. Miura Weave is named after the vertex of valency 4 as it is the base of the well known Miura pattern. Using a neutral color scheme, each color represents a distinctive zone using the concept of zonohedron proposed by H.S.M. Coxeter. Each zone, using two unique unit patterns, is then folded and interwoven with other zones.

To construct a doubly periodic Miura Weave pattern, start with a vertex type of valency 8. This vertex is then mirrored in two directions to create an infinite doubly periodic polyhedral complex.

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